Lawton residents arrested after drug bust

Lawton residents arrested after drug bust

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - A group of Lawton residents have been arrested, accused of a major drug trafficking organization that saw as much as 90 pounds of methamphetamine coming into Lawton for distribution.

According to court records, 48-year-old Hilario Gonzalez and his wife Phyllis hired 45-year-old David Terry and his brother James to drive to California and pick up the drugs. Terry would then drive back to Lawton and deliver the meth to Gonzalez, who would oversee and organize its distribution through Lawton and other nearby areas. Police believe the drugs came from a cartel in California.

Terry and his brother were arrested last Wednesday after making one such trip, officers pulling them over as they got into Lawton. After their arrest, officers enacted a search warrant on Gonzalez’s home and found multiple bags of weed, shotguns and a variety of drug paraphernalia.

Both David Terry and Phyllis Gonzalez admitted their roles in Hilario's drug trafficking, and all four were arrested on a number of drug charges.

They are all expected to appear in court in December.

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