Campaign signs stolen, damaged in Altus

Altus campaign signs

ALTUS, OK (RNN Texoma) - Some Altus residents are upset after they say campaign signs across town have been destroyed or stolen off of private property.

They say the signs that have been affected have been for the seat of District Judge in Jackson County. Residents are not sure exactly how many signs have been affected and at this point, they just want those responsible to be respectful and stop.

"People say war is hell and politics is becoming a lot like war. It’s getting way out of hand,” said Altus resident Donna Steiner.

Whether in a neighborhood or on a street corner, signs all across the City of Altus have been damaged, destroyed and even stolen.

"It’s extremely frustrating, I mean you work hard. I walk neighborhoods each night and speak to people. It’s a lot of work and it’s costly, the signs are not cheap. A lot of manpower and time goes into it and it’s really disheartening, it’s kind of depressing and it’s very frustrating,” said Altus resident Kim Rumschlag.

Right now, it’s unknown who is destroying the signs but with just a few weeks until election day, Altus residents hope those responsible will take their problems to the polls.

"If you want to express differently than how I feel, take it up at the polls don’t come on my property and damage what belongs to me, what was given to me as my right to express,” Steiner said.

"Please stop. Everyone has the right vote for whoever they want to. I hope everyone gets out and exercises their right to vote. I don’t want the other candidates’ signs to be messed up either, it’s just not right,” Rumschlag said.

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