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Coppermines Off-Road Park offers outdoor fun

Olustee_If you want something to do outdoors this weekend, and Arts for All is not your cup of tea, there's a completely different option. The Coppermines Off Road Park near Olustee...and don't expect many cups of tea. ATV's, jeeps and other assorted 4x4's will take roads less traveled, roads that aren't even there.

It's not something you see much in the city but off-roading is surprisingly popular. Just another aspect of man versus wild, taming the outdoors with trucks, saying yes I can go there.

The Redneck Yacht Club is a group of guys from the Altus area who love taking their trucks off-road. They got tired of traveling and paying fees.  One had 460 acres of land, why not off-road there. "We decided to do an economic development thing for Southwest Oklahoma and turn it into the Coppermines Off Road Park. There's rock crawling, mud bogs, we did it September of last year, figured we've have 500 people, we've had 3,000," said off-roader Steve Ross.

They expect that could triple this weekend, with campers, corporate sponsors, 3 bands and lots of vehicles that don't need concrete or asphalt. "We're out here having a blast, I mean we got these rocks and stuff.  It's something everybody ought to try," said Blake Roberts a rock crawler.

You don't need your own 4x4, come out, camp and there's going to be someone willing to take you along. "This is the first time I've ever been on one. This is the first time I've ever been rock crawling. I love it, it's fun," said John Nemetz an off-road passenger.

Some pro off-roaders will be there, too. The trucks gone wild from Florida will be taping their next DVD there. 20 other out-of-staters are ready to conquer Oklahoma. "We came all the way from Amarillo, Texas. We hear you Okies now how to have a good time and that's why we're here," said...

It's a good time for the whole family.  Event organizers encourage kids who aren't old enough to ride ATVs to bring their bicycles so everyone can go off road.

"We've warned everybody when they come out here to watch out for our kids. This is what we want our kids to do when they grow up. Just come out and play and have fun," said Travis Hale a mud bogger.

The Coppermines Off Road Park will be open all weekend. For more information, click here.

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