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Oklahoma vehicle registration late fees increase

OKLAHOMA - Late fees for vehicle registration increased significantly Wednesday from the previous $.25 a day for late fees to $1 a day, and in some cases, even $3 a day.

A visit to a tag agency can be a burden at times. That is usually why people wait until the last minute to renew their registrations, but with the new fee hikes that went into effect, people will now want to make sure to renew on time.

Everyday tag agencies are busy renewing car registrations. Most have their regulars who are notorious for renewing late, but those individuals may want to think twice before committing that act again, the penalties are now a little steeper.

"If their tag is $21 it could max out at $100 so it would be $121 for the tag renewal," said motor license agent, Nancy Davison.

The fees do max out at $100, but it is still a hefty price to pay for one little sticker.

"Many people wait until a few days after their grace period of one month before they renew their registration. But starting today if you don't pay attention to this date it will cost you," said Davison.

Depending on the situation, the fee could even be $3 a day.

"If you have a transfer title it could be a possibility of a dollar a day excise tax, a dollar a day re-registration and a dollar a day on the tag."

Some drivers understand the increase.

"It's your responsibility to make sure that your driver's license is valid. I guess there should be a punishment for that," said driver, Clayton Darnell.

Others drivers, however, think the fees burden an already reeling economy and population that just do not have much more money to spare.

Motorcycles are also included in this fee increase, but boats and other watercraft are not.

The money from the late fees will fill a gap created when a program that funded infrastructure repairs for communities with populations of less that 7,000 was eliminated last legislative session.

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