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Lawton bulk cleanup begins Thursday

LAWTON, Okla. - Starting Thursday, the City of Lawton will pick up all the large trash items, from old appliances, to furniture and brush.

Just like the last cleanup, there are some rules you need to follow if you want your trash taken away.

Because the trucks being used are so large, everything you want taken away needs to be placed at your curb.  Anything in an alley will be left behind.  In the past, brush was required to be bundled, but this time it only has to be cut into 5-foot long branches and piled up.  The city also says everything needs to be clear of overhead lines or trees.

There is virtually no match for these trash trucks. Solid Waste Director Jayson Powell says they can lift up to 2,600 lbs of just about whatever you can hall out to your curb.

"Furniture, couches, chairs, mattresses, a lot of brush, we see a lot of brush during the bulk cleanups," said Powell.

Do not start dragging your trash out just yet.  Powell says even though it is a city wide cleanup, it will be broken up into three areas, trash being picked up over a span of three weeks.

"That way the bulk items aren't left out for weeks and weeks on end, each area should be cleared within the first week."

If it is your turn to have your trash picked up, be sure to follow a couple of rules to keep from losing everything.

"If it's a bunch of bulk stuff that you want to get rid of but you don't want to throw your trash can away, put it in boxes or bags, cause whatever it's in will be thrown away."

If you are not careful where you are putting your trash, there is a good chance it will not be picked up.

"A few areas where they were putting them next to mailboxes, or next to utility poles, or under trees, they need to make sure to put them at least five feet away from those objects."

The first bulk pickup starts Thursday runs until Sunday.  This pick up is only for those living between West 97th St. and West 38th St.  If you do not live between these streets and put your trash out early, the city says they will ask you to put your bulk trash away, until it is your area's turn for pickup.

The next pickup runs from Oct. 22 until Oct. 25 between West 38th St. and Railroad St.  The last one will start Oct. 29 and run until Nov. 1 for residents between Railroad St. and East 60th St.


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