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Lawton teen arrested after masturbating in bookstore

LAWTON, Okla. - A Lawton teenager was caught with his pants down, literally, and now he is behind bars.

Police say 18-year-old Kelvin Cotton was arrested after he was caught in the lounge section of the Hastings bookstore, masturbating by the store's adult magazines.  Witnesses say he was sitting in a chair with his pants pulled down to his knees, but as soon as someone saw what was happening, he took off.

Just a month ago, he was arrested after he swiped an adult magazine from the same bookstore, then was caught walking down the road behind two girls while masturbating.  In fact, when Cotton was arrested Monday he was supposed to be in court for that first indecent exposure arrest.

According to witnesses, Kelvin Cotton was not only caught masturbating in a public place, but he was also caught doing it in an unlikely area.

"He was caught sitting in the lounge section between the Christian book section and the children's section," said Lawton Police Det. Nancy Lombardo.

According to Lombardo, Cotton first grabbed some reading material more suitable to his taste.

"There was adult magazines laid out on the table in front of him.  They'd obviously been taken from the shelves in Hastings and brought to that area," said Lombardo.

When a manager asked Cotton what he was doing, he jumped up and ran out of the store.  Police quickly found and arrested him, but Lombardo says his reaction was unusual.

"He did not appear to have any remorse, and actually he gave a spontaneous remark to the officers that he knew what he was being arrested for, it was the same thing as last time."

Lombardo says Cotton was in fact arrested for exposing himself just a month ago.  The difference this time is police asked this charge be filed as a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

"If he is convicted he will have to register as a sex offender, because I believe this individual needs to be monitored."

Because Cotton was out on bond for the same offense, when he was arrested again the prosecutor asked the judge to set a higher bond this time.  The judge granted that request and set it at $10,000.  He also ordered a mental evaluation.

Lawton Police say Cotton is also currently under investigation for other sexual charges.

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