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UPDATE...Man killed in single-car crash near Elgin

ELGIN,Okla. - One man was killed Monday when his truck ran off the road, went through a ditch, and hit a tree.  It happened near Elgin, on Highway 277, near Tony Creek Road.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol's official report says speed and alcohol were the causes of the crash. The victim has been identified as Jay Lewis, 50, of Apache.

"There was a witness behind him that stated she was doing the posted speed limit, which is 65 mile an hour, and that she was pulling away from her," said Oklahoma Highway Patrolman John Hoover.

The official report says Lewis first went off the road on the right side, then veered into the left lane and off the road, then went all the way back to the right side, where he went through the grass and a ditch, for about fifty feet before he hit the tree broadside.  He was trapped in the wreckage for nearly two hours.

Trooper Hoover added that this particular stretch of Highway 277 isn't very forgiving if your tires go off the pavement. 

"If you look at the roadway, you'll notice it is narrow and there are no shoulders. So, if you did have an incident where you do go off the road, left or right, there is no safe place to go," Hoover said.

He says the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will be making the lanes a little safer in the next year.

The accident report also noted that Lewis was not wearing his seatbelt.

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