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Former Geronimo teacher accused of raping male student

WALTERS-- A former Geronimo High School teacher is accused of having sex with a teenage student. Prosecutors say the teacher is a woman. The alleged victim was a 17-year old boy.

Regina McKay, 33, is charged with second-degree rape in the case. Prosecutors say she was the boy's computer teacher at Geronimo High School when they had sex earlier this year at her home in Walters.

Cotton County Assistant DA Mark Clark says his office first learned about the situation in Geronimo after getting a letter from the Department of Human Services. "The superintendent of schools related that there were allegations of sexual misconduct from one of their teachers," Clark said.

According to court records, the boy was 17 last March. He says Regina McKay offered to buy him cigarettes and alcohol if he would come to her home in Walters and have sex with her. He says he did.

Back at school, the boy says McKay would make him sit beside her at a table and she would rub her foot up and down his legs. If he tried to move, he says she would get mad.

Prosecutors say the boy is now 18 and didn't report the incident until almost six months after the fact. "The alleged victim in this case felt bad about what happened between the teacher and himself, that's when he came forward," Clark said.

The teen also told the Walters Police Chief that he didn't want McKay to do this to another student. But in the same report, a 16-year-old boy says McKay text messaged him and said, "what's up, i don't think you can handle it." The teen says she was referring to sex.

He claims he later went to McKay's home and had sex with her in the her living room, while her kids were sleeping upstairs.

Right now no charges are filed in connection with this teen's statement to police, although prosecutors say their investigation continues.

Under state law, Clark says it's illegal for high school teachers to have sex with students ages 16 through 20.  He says it falls under 2nd-degree rape. "It's a position of authority, a position of trust. Parents should not have to worry about teachers acting as sexual predators around their children or students," Clark said.

We did speak with Geronimo Schools superintendent Danny McCuiston. He says Mckay resigned from the district around the first of September for personal reasons. He would not comment on the charges against her, or say what the district did internally to address this situation.

McKay is free on $2,000 bond. Her next court hearing is set for January.


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