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Lawton police shooting

LAWTON-- A Lawton police officer shot and injured a man Friday night after cops say the man tried to take the officer's gun away.

It started just after 6pm at a convenience store on Sheridan Road when officer John Mull approached the man in the store. Chief Ronnie Smith says the man all the sudden took off running. Officer Mull along with back up took off after him on foot. The chase ended up at some apartments in the 2200 block of Hoover. The chief says officer Mull followed the suspect inside one of the apartments and a fight broke out. The suspect grabbed the officer's gun and it went off grazing the suspect's arm. "The guy slammed the officer's arm in the door and then as the officers pushed the door open he grabbed the officer's gun and tried to take it away from him. In the ensuing struggle it discharged," said Chief Smith. 

Police say the suspect was being treated at a Lawton hospital as is officer Mull. We're told their injuries are not serious. The OSBI has been called in to investigate the shooting.

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