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Fort Sill honors President Ford

FORT SILL--Former President Gerald R. Ford was laid to rest near his Presidential Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday afternoon.  Earlier in the day, Fort Sill held their own ceremony honoring the nation's 38th President.

"With his calm and steady leadership Gerald Ford helped move the nation forward," said Fort Sill's Commanding General, Major General David Ralston.  "Americans will always admire President Ford."

A 21-gun salute rang out across Fort Sill shortly after noon on Wednesday, with a 50-gun salute following, shortly before 5.  Ceremonies similar to the one at Fort Sill were held at Army installations across the country.

Major General David Ralston said he had his own brush with Gerald Ford's presidency back in 1974.  Major General Ralston recounted being a college intern on his first day in Washington watching from just outside the White House gates as President Nixon made his now infamous walk from the White House.

"I was able to see that historic moment," the General recalled.  "I was just a young college student at the time able to see that and I got the ability to feel, as well as, know the environment and what the nation needed."

10-year-old Silas Percival attended today's ceremony with his mother, Yvette.  She said it was important for her son to be here for an historic event like honoring a former President.

"He was a great man and he brought us through a time when we needed him," said Silas Percival, who said he's just learned about Gerald Ford since Ford's death on December 26th.

"We're just glad that we had the opportunity to honor President Ford today," General Ralston said.  "His service to our country talks so much about his personality and the character of the man." 

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