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  • Heartistry


    Most people consume much more cholesterol than they need. So some of the excess cholesterol in the blood can build up in your blood vessels and form plaque.
  • Diet


    The foods you eat have a huge impact on your health. When you improve your eating habits, you improve your overall health.
  • Exercise


    According to the American Heart Association, 44% of American adults get some exercise. But it is not regular or intense enough to help their hearts and overall health.
  • Smoking


    Many people link smoking to cancer. But in fact, among smokers worldwide - it's heart and blood vessel disease -not cancer -that's the number 1 cause of death.
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  • Stress


    How can stress affect your health? Stress is a part of life for many people. You might feel stressed by traffic jams, problems at work, or disagreements at home.
  • Weight


    People who maintain a normal weight are helping their own health. But they are also in the minority. Among U.S. adults, 35% are overweight - and an additional 30% are obese.
  • Age


    How can age affect your health? With age comes wisdom. But sometimes, age can also bring physical limitations and health conditions.
  • Gender


    All other things being equal, men and women have similar chances of developing heart or blood vessel disease.
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