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Health Food Center

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Health Food Center
The Health Food Center tries to offer unique products to our customers.  Like square candles that fit into round candle holders, incense and holders, essential oils, coconut oil, hemp sisters products, Maggie’s organic socks and even different sizes in ear candles. We have flavored water, vitamin water, alkaline water and well, just plain water.  Buffalo meat, grass fed beef, cage free chicken and eggs and nitrate free hot dogs.  No salt, low salt, half salt and full salt food!  Celtic salt, Redmond salt and Himalayan salt and sea salt.  Sugar-free, high fiber, low carb, gluten free, vegetarian, natural and organic food items. As you can see, we have quite an interesting store with new items coming in monthly.  Come and visit us! More Info >>

Fall Update

WOW!  Fall is here already!  It seems like the days just fly by.  Before you know it, the holidays will be here.  Between sports and music lessons and homework, it seems like parents can be running on empty. Try one of our green products.  We have several green powders and pills.  Green products give you B vitamins, they help balance your ph level, it can help detoxify your body and best of all, it gives you more energy.  We have a new product by Natural Factors called GreenRich Enriching Greens Blueberry flavor.  It has a green blend, a fruit blend and a vegetable blend. It has a high ORAC value and has the antioxidant equivalent of eight serving of fruits and vegetables. It is available in powder form.

Heart health is also very important. Heart disease  can be a silent assailant.  Help protect yourself in several ways.  Another new product from Natural Factors is CardiOmega Q10.  It is a blend of  pharmaceutical-grade  fish oil which is high in EPA and DHA, CoQ10 and BerryRich, a blend of berrys which neutralize free radicals.  This product may help reduce your risk of heart attacks. Two other  great products by Source Naturals are Arjuna CardioComfort and Red Wine Extract with Resveratrol. Arjuna CardioComfort’s main ingredient is arjuna which is used in Ayurvedic herbalism as a cardiac tonic. It may work to support cardiac muscle function and promote pumping of the heart.  For those who don’t wish to ingest wine, the Red Wine Extract with Resveratrol is a great substitute. It is high in antioxidants and it supports healthy circulation.
Mychelle, a premier face care line, has added creamy mineral makeup to their growing list of products.
Myra Michelle Eby created Mychelle Dermaceuticals in 2000.  It is a nontoxic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free skin care company. Are you aware that you absorb the chemicals in beauty products? It’s like eating them. Do you really want to “eat” those chemicals.  Mychelle offers you a choice to step away from your  chemical skin care products by providing you an alternative with great skin care products and completing it with a wonderful creamy mineral makeup line. Mychelle is currently on sale for 10% off through October 15th. We are having a seminar Thursday, OCTOBER 2nd, in which Tammy Robinson will talk about skin “ Beauty from  Inside Out” at our store from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Tammy will discuss several  supplements that will help your internal beauty and then discuss skin cleansing and, finally, review the new creamy mineral makeup.  Please call or come by to sign up for this event. The event is free but we need to rent chairs and we want to make sure we have plenty.

Put Monday, November 10th on your calendar for our next seminar.  Nancy Angelini will be here to discuss women’s health issues like menopause, pms, bone health and breast health. The seminar will be from 6 pm to 8 pm.  Nancy is the national director of education and training for New Chapter supplements. She is also completing her doctorate in natropathic medicine. Be sure to call or come by and sign up beginning October 13. The event is free.

We have a great soap line called One With Nature.  Beginning October 1st, it will be on sale for 15% off SRP (standard retail price) while supplies last.  They will go quickly so don’t wait!

Health Food Center is the largest health food store in southwest Oklahoma. We are always looking for new products to bring in for our customers.  We appreciate our loyal customers and are grateful for new customers during these difficult economic times. We keep growing and as always, we are here to serve you.

Good Things Come to Life at the Health Food Center, your largest health food store in South West Oklahoma.

Health Food Center

14 NW Sheridan Road
Lawton, OK 73505

October Line Drive:
25% off SRP

20% off SRP

We have had several customers asking for this product.  It is highly concentrated and has various uses.  Please use caution with this product.

HAVING PROBLEMS SLEEPING?  TRY INVIGOREST POWDER.  Invigorest  is a combination of amino acids and GABA, an amino acid derivative.  It’s a very unique product that helps to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

PH CLEANSE is a new product for our store.  Our store owner tried this product and had such great results with it that he ordered for all of his stores!  Ph Cleanse helps to restore the proper ph balance inside and outside the body.  It is useful in a variety of skin conditions.  Come and check it out!

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