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Storms leave damage across Texoma

A barn torn down between Elgin and Fletcher A barn torn down between Elgin and Fletcher
Lawton hail damage Lawton hail damage

Many people across Texoma will be cleaning up from the severe storms.

Some folks in Anadarko think it may have been a tornado that tore through their town last night.  Caddo County Emergency Management says that hasn't been confirmed yet.  But, they'll get a better look at the storm damage today.

At least one home was destroyed there.  Standing on the outside of Angie Moser's home, you can see right inside, there's isn't much left.

"Just all of a sudden everything was on top of us," Moser said.  "I heard the rain and the wind and everything, and i was debating whether to go to the basement, because the weather didn't say anything about a tornado and the sirens usually blow and that sort of thing, so..."

She decided to stay in the bedroom with the kids.  But that's when the storm started to intensify.

"Our power went out, I was looking on the internet to see if I could find anything on the phone, and about that time the walls and the roof caved in on top of me and my two children, 7 month old, 18 month old," Moser said.

Luckily, she able to dig out of the debris with her children.  They headed for the basement to ride out the rest of the storm.  But she says her home is gone.

"It's completely destroyed. We were able to save some pictures and there are some things that are not replaceable that were destroyed. But we got a lot of pictures and the ceilings are starting to cave in now from the rain."

Due to the storm damage, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Regional Office in Anadarko will be closed today.

 Elgin was also hit hard by the strong winds, with gusts estimated around 70 miles an hour.

7News had a report of a barn torn down between Elgin and Fletcher.  The family's car was inside. 

A number of trees were uprooted in the that area.  Power was also knocked out several times. But there were no reports of injuries.

In Lawton, body shops will be busy this morning repairing hail damage to vehicles.  The hail was so big some cars windshields were busted out.

Including, at least six cars and trucks parked at the La Quinta in northwest Lawton.  Our 7News photographer said it looks like someone went through the parking lot with a machine gun. We're told the hotel was almost at capacity and only five cars there weren't damaged.

And it was the same scene at some car dealerships, where dozens of cars had their windows smashed out.  About half of the cars at one dealership had damage to the sheet metal.

We also had reports that at least 18 cars were damaged at the Candlewood Apartments and a bunch more at Timbers Apartments.

Count on 7News to take a closer look at the damage today.

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