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Middle school students learn about careers in health care

LAWTON, Okla. - Comanche County Memorial Hospital is teaming up with MacArthur Middle School to teach teenagers more about the healthcare industry.

About 20 students go after school for a two-hour program to learn about the different body systems, and to take a look at all the possible healthcare jobs that most people don't know about.

Teachers at MacArthur chose the top students in their science classes who had the most interest and potential when they grow up.

"Today we learned about respiratory systems and circulatory systems and any system in the human body," said student J.B. Whitehead.

The students have the oportunity to see models of the body first-hand.

"They do a little bit of interactive involvement. They do a lot of hands on activities," said Jennifer Powell, Comanche County Memorial Hospital Student Coordinator.

The topic changes every time the Health Explorers meet, once a month.

It starts off with an interactive lecture from the mad scientist who shows them how the body works. Then a hospital worker takes them into an in-depth look at areal life situation.

"They're at a point that they are trying to figure out they want to do and we're trying to tell them that you just don't have to be a nurse, don't just have to be a doctor," said Powell.

Some of these teenagers already have an inkling of an idea.

"I'd like to be a cardiovascular surgeon when I grow up."

"I think it was really fun, and it's good to work with health explorer stuff so you can be ready for college," said Maybree Rittenhouse.

The Health Explorers program will run through the month of March.

The hospital covers most of the cost to run the Health Explorers and donated scrub tops for the students to wear during the program.

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