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Mayor John Purcell says goodbye

LAWTON, Okla. - After six years, Lawton Mayor John Purcell finished his last day as mayor Friday. But his day of work wasn't in his normal office in City Hall on 4th Street. The city moved him into his new office in the new city hall for just one day. He spent many of his years as mayor working on plans for the city to move in, so officials thought it was only fitting. So meetings and get-togethers were held there throughout the day Friday.

A plaque will forever display John Purcell's name on the buffalo at new city hall.

"I hope it's on the front end of the buffalo and not on the back end of the buffalo. It really does. It really makes me feel good," said Mayor John Purcell.

Though he only got to call the building where the buffalo stands his office for just one day, he said it was still an honor.

"I think it's great. The city manager promised me I'd get to sit at a desk one day in the office and they kind of moved it ahead a little bit but the best day is when the rest of the staff can move in the building."

At his last city council meeting Tuesday, the city approved $130,000 from a police fund to help pay for the move and lay fiber optic lines for communication between the city buildings in the meantime.

"Once the fiber optic moves in, then the people that are going to move initially with the offices that are finished in the south wing, they'll move."

Friday, he cozied up to his new and old desk complete with his University of Florida garb and did some final official business. And he reflected on the past six years.

"I'm really proud of some of the things we've done for instance the consolidation of the E-911 service in the emergency operations with the county. That was a big push that I ran on six years ago and it took me over three years to get it done."

Purcell said he doesn't have any plans in the near future to sit on any committees or anything. He said he just plans on taking a break from all the action for a while.

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