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Marlow police bust four on drug distribution charge

MARLOW, Okla. – Three Wilco employees and one of their girlfriends are facing drug distribution charges Thursday night, after Marlow police say they dealt $300 worth of the prescription drug Oxycodone to an undercover informant right in their employer's parking lot.  

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney says, after the complaints started rolling in, his office teamed up with the DA's Drug Task Force to put a stop to what one investigator calls a very bizarre, almost amateur drug dealing operation.

At 11 a.m. authorities say Kristopher Dryden, Austin Hlvaty, and Riley Williams took their lunch breaks at Wilco.  Their first order of business, sell Dryden's Oxycodone pills for $30 to $40 a piece.

"$30 might have been a bargain, but it did not turn out to be a bargain," said McKinney.

That is because the sheriff and other investigators caught onto their scheme and sent in an undercover informant to make a purchase.

"One person could have done it, but four were actually involved in it," said Drug Task Force member, Justin Scott.

Including Ashley Berry, who investigators say drove the informant to Wilco's parking lot to meet up with her boyfriend Riley Williams and two of his co-workers.

"One person might have taken the money, the other provided the drugs or counted out the drugs, profited from them or whatever it was kind of an assembly line of individuals that each had a willing participating role in delivering the drugs," said Scott.

And after the deal went down, all four were arrested as they drove away.

"Prescription pills on the black market, are an incredible profit, when you figure, you can kind of gauge it by a dollar a milligram on Oxycodone pills," said Scott.

Scott says these pills were 40 milligrams.  He says even though four people were involved in the scheme, only Dryden, the supplier, was making money.  However Scott says Dryden did compensate the others.

"For you selling this $300 worth of pills, we'll give you 2, 3 or 4 pills. Not only do they get to do business to make someone else some money for selling pills, but they may get to profit to feed their addiction" said Scott.

Dryden told authorities he had a legitimate prescription for the Oxycodone pills.  However, the pill bottle they were kept in did not have any patient information, so investigators are looking into whether he is telling the truth.

Investigators say one of the accused, Ashley Berry, told them she was just doing a friend a favor by driving the informant to the drug deal.  However, when she was booked into jail, jailers say they found four Oxycodone pills on her.

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