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Tillman Co. Sheriffs arrest two in connection to burglaries

FREDERICK, Okla. - The Tillman County Sheriff had a hard time getting a lead in some recent burglaries, but Thursday night, they have Aaron Urista and Vernice Hernandez in the county jail, accused of the burglaries.

So far, the sheriff's office has recovered missing lawn chairs, tackle boxes, and even beer.  Even more serious, they are accused of selling marijuana to minors.  Deputies finally got the lead they needed when they got word that someone had broken out the windows at a Davidson Bank.

The sheriff's office says they looked at the surveillance video from the bank and recognized four juveniles because they had dealt with them before. They questioned them and that is where they learned about Hernandez and Urista.

Undersheriff Keith Hefner says the juveniles told him they had seen Urista and Hernandez with the stolen stuff.

"They'd seen them with them and they knew where they had them hid," said Hefner.

That hiding place was in the cellar beside their house, items the sheriff's office and burglary victims had been looking for.

"Citizens around town had reported tools missing out of the back of vehicles, some fishing equipment.  One report had someone missing meat out of a deep freezer," said Hefner.

Then the juveniles told the deputies that Urista and Hernandez had been giving marijuana to them.

"So the deputies went to confront them and they owned up to giving alcohol and drugs to the kids," said Hefner.  "You know it may start with cigarettes then it goes to marijuana, and the next thing you know they'll be trying other things."

Hefner says his deputies solved much more than just a case of some broken windows.

"I'm real pleased with the deputies.  They got something and just kept on and kept on until they solved it."

Hefner says Hernandez is charged with distribution to minors within 2,000 ft of a school and Urista is charged with the burglaries.  The sheriff's office says they are looking for one more suspect involved in the burglary/drug ring.

The sheriff's office says bond for Urista is set at $5,000 and bond for Hernandez is set at $10,000.

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