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Neighbors speak about gruesome death in Southwest Lawton

LAWTON, Okla_We may have some new insight tonight into a possible motive for Friday's murder of a Lawton woman.

Court records revealed 37 year old Sheri Olson was called to testify in the upcoming murder trial of Jose Villanueva, who is accused in the beating and shooting death of Charles Tyson on his front porch earlier this month. That killing happened at 24th and J Avenue. Olson was found dead in her mobile home just a few blocks away at 28th and J.

All police could tell us was that Olson was in fact scheduled to testify, but couldn't say if that played a role in her death. They were able to tell us how she was killed. They said she died a violent death after her throat was cut and she was shot several times inside her mobile home.

7News went back to the crime scene where we found several detectives back at work. We saw them visiting with the victim's family members before leaving a short time later. We talked to one witness who didn't want to be identified but said she was there just moments after Olson's children were told their mother had been killed.

"They were putting more caution tape around they kept extending it, like all the way across the trailer park."

The witness says she wasn't sure at first what had happened but says she had an eerie feeling as she got closer to this trailer home.

"I came out, the first thing I noticed it was dead silent around here, I walked out and there was this little kid just walking around crying."

She says neighbors soon learned that a woman had been murdered in her own home and worse, several children were now without their mother.

"The lady's daughter was saying to her little brother, ‘it's going to be aright,' stuff like that."

She says police as investigators went in and out of the home while family members were left to grieve.

"People within the crime scene tape they were all crying they were sitting down and huddled together and stuff."

Several neighbors said Olson's violent death was frightening and that they had always been concerned with the amount of traffic that surrounded the home. They said people were always coming and going at all hours.

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