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Emotional Testimony in Okla. Soldier's Murder Trial

LAWTON Okla_ Testimony began Thursday in the murder trial of a former Ft. Sill soldier accused of killing his girlfriend's son.

Connell Williams is on trial at the federal courthouse in Lawton for starving 10-year-old Marcus Holloway to death.

The child's father, Timothy Holloway, took the stand and appeared frustrated. He even fought back tears several times when mentioning his son. He testified that he and Candice divorced in 2009. He said she brought Marcus and his sister, Charisma, to Fort Sill in 2010. He said she told him that she and Williams were married, which is not true. Holloway said in the months before Marcus' death, his kids were difficult to get a hold of, and he said their conversations seemed rehearsed.

He then described a chilling conversation with Marcus a week before his death. 33-year-old Connell Williams' expression never changed, as Timothy Holloway emotionally recounted the last conversation with his son. Holloway said a week before Marcus's death, Candice called him and said that Marcus' behavior was out of control. She accused Marcus of stealing. Holloway said when he asked Marcus why he was stealing, Marcus replied, "Because I am hungry." He said that's when Candice grabbed the phone from Marcus and nervously said, "There's food here."

During cross examination, the defense's line of questioning seemed to imply that Candice was a bad mother before she moved to Fort Sill. Holloway admitted that she was a strict parent and was often harder on Marcus that Charisma, but said she was a good mother when they were together. He said he's never spoken with Williams and had no idea that Marcus was being starved.

A special agent with the army also testified. He talked about the search of Williams' home hours after Marcus' death. He said that investigators noticed major differences between Marcus' room and Charisma's. He said Charisma's room was furnished and well ventilated. He said Marcus' room had no furniture, except for clothing and a pillow, and the air vents in his room were closed.

Prosecutors also called first responders and emergency room staff to the stand. They all testified that both Candice Holloway and Williams seemed unemotional and evasive about Marcus' death.

Candice Holloway has made a deal with prosecutors: she will testify against Williams in exchange for 30 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in Williams's case.



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