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UPDATE: Marlow Teen Charged With First-Degree Murder

DUNCAN,Okla_A 16 year-old boy was charged with 1st degree murder Wednesday in Monday's stabbing death of a14 year-old girl in Duncan.  Duncan Police say Michael Ray, of Marlow confessed late last night to stabbing the victim, Alyssa Wiles, several times with a kitchen knife.

Police say Ray was a jealous ex-boyfriend, who came to Wiles's home with the intent of killing her. In his confession, Ray told police he initially thought she was too pretty to kill, but said he held her until she died.  

Ray burned the clothes he was wearing during the stabbing and then ran over them with a lawn mower. Police are looking for part of the murder weapon in a grassy area about five blocks from the murder scene where Ray showed them he'd driven it into the ground.  

Police had also arrested a 14 year-old in connection with the case.  He made his initial appearance in Stephens County Juvenile Court Wednesday but very few of the details have been released about him or his involvement in the crime. 

We spoke with one of Alyssa Wiles middle school teachers to learn more about her. Tara Davies described her as a talkative and bubbly. A girl with a smile who could light up the room and get her out of trouble.  Her death was a total shock to the community. And many continue to be in disbelief as the details in the case continue to unfold.

Davies taught Alyssa in the 3rd, 5th and this year in the 8th grade.
"She was a great student. She wasn't a troublemaker at all. Friendly, had lots of friends. Didn't have trouble with that at school. Wasn't disrespectful to anyone. She was just a happy girl," said Davies. 

Davies has nothing but positive stories to tell about Alyssa. She was a part of one of Davies' favorite classes. 

"I have so many good memories of her and that whole group," said Davies. 

Those are now memories she says she will cherish. Davies said that Alyssa loved to dance at a local dance studio and was a part of local church. But mostly she talked about how much Alyssa was looking forward to going to high school. 

"She was just excited about her future and what she could do with her life, and it is just so tragic that it was taken from her so early, "said Davies. 

It is a loss that Davies believes will greatly impact her peers. A life that will be missed by 

"People who never even met her have been touched by this, and we are going to remember her always,"said Davies. 

Classmates, teachers, friends and family will have the opportunity to grieve Thursday night. 
A candlelight vigil for Alyssa  will be held 8:30 at the Duncan High School baseball field. The public is invited to attend and wear lime green colors in Alyssa's honor.
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