Body cam blast prompts NYPD recall of nearly 3,000 devices

A photo shows a police body camera that exploded inside the 121 Precinct station house on Staten Island as a patrol officer prepared to head out for the midnight shift.

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Mega Millions’ record $1.6 billion jackpot up for grabs Tuesday

Trump tells tall tales on campaign trail

Police arrest naked man watching porn in stranger’s apartment

WWE star Roman Reigns announces he has leukemia

Couple accused of keeping child locked in basement for months

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FDA considers new pill form of powerful opioid, despite warnings and history of unintended consequences

Titanic II ship to set sail in 2022

Girl, 5, mistakes bride for Cinderella

Cases of polio-like illness increase to 155, CDC says

Protests against reported Trump transgender policy as he says he’s ‘protecting everybody’

Here’s what you should know before joining an office lotto pool

2.5 million pounds of taquitos recalled for salmonella, listeria concerns

The recall affected approximately 2,490,593 pounds of the frozen taquitos and was classified as a high health risk. The items were shipped to distributors nationwide, including 7-Eleven stores.

Photographer snaps stunning proposal photo from afar, tries to track down couple

A Michigan photographer captured a couple's special moment by accident. Now he's taken to social media to find them and his photo has gone viral.

  Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico

Thousands of migrants are enduring terrible conditions to flee violence in their home country of Honduras.

Bizarre ‘headless chicken monster’ spotted swimming in deep waters off east Antarctica

The "headless chicken monster," also known as a deep-sea swimming sea cucumber, was first spotted in 2017 in the Gulf of Mexico. (Source: CNN/TWITTER|@AUSANTARCTIC/NOAA)

  Missing teen: Community holds fundraiser as they await word on Jayme Closs

Nude surfer fends off shark with headbutts, punches, in Australia

In Khashoggi case: Saudi calls, ‘body double’ after killing

Marry-thon: Couple holds wedding at race

Exploding toilets prompt recall of 1.4 million flushing systems

Jenny Craig chicken wraps recalled due to potential listeria and salmonella

  Apartment floor collapses leaving 30 injured near Clemson University

Police say the building's first floor collapsed into the basement while the party goers were dancing. (Source: WHNS/CNN)

Customer orders 2 waters, leaves $10,000 tip at NC restaurant

The tip was arranged by a YouTube star known for donating large amounts of money to unsuspecting people for the videos on his channel.

Woman walking her dog attacked twice by pack of 5 pit bulls who escaped from yard

The victim was treated at the hospital for multiple bite wounds, while her dog was taken to an emergency animal clinic in critical condition after suffering multiple life-threatening puncture wounds and lacerations.

Army officer surprises daughter at school after 6 months away

He wasn't supposed to come home from deployment until December, but somehow a soldier was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime for his 9-year-old daughter.

Cow’s milk is a symbol of white supremacy, PETA claims

PETA believes cow’s milk really is the perfect drink of choice for all, even unwitting, supremacists.

Deputies: 6 people shot near Jacksonville Jaguars football game

Deputies say this may be a gang-related shooting and the investigation is ongoing.

Ohio police officers save deer stuck in a fence, on cam

Parma Heights police say they had to cover the animal's face to keep her calm and it worked. (Source: PARMA HEIGHTS POLICE/CNN)

Fight in LeBron’s home Lakers debut, 124-115 loss to Houston

LeBron James scored 24 points for the Los Angeles Lakers and three players were ejected for fighting late in the fourth quarter of the Houston Rockets' 124-115 victory

Accused child molester in Houston dressed as doctor, volunteered around children

The suspect is charged with sexual assault after allegedly attacking at least two children. Police believe there could be other victims.

Girl, 9, whose family fought to keep her on life support dies at Texas hospital

The 9-year-old suffered cardiac arrest in late September and was admitted to the hospital, where she was declared brain dead and placed on a ventilator.

Teacher on leave after allegedly duct taping CO student to chair

Police have opened a criminal investigation into the incident, but no charges have been filed.

Powerball jackpot hits $620 million after no winner Saturday

It's still not as high as the Mega Millions jackpot, but the Powerball grand prize climbed to $620 million after no one won the Saturday drawing.

Woman, 75, shot her grandson after argument about tea cups on her furniture

Washington apparently doesn’t allow beverages on her furniture and an argument began about where he was sitting his glass.

FL officer caught on camera punching 14-year-old girl

The mom calls the video heartbreaking, but police said the video doesn't show the whole story.

Lack of exercise worse for your health than smoking, bad diet, study finds

Researchers found that there’s no limit to the benefits of exercise.

Deputy cuffs crying 8-year-old boy who walked away from elementary school

The boy’s mother said her son is mentally disabled and often wanders away from the school.

Police retrieve 63 remains of fetuses from Detroit funeral home

Police discovered 27 fetuses stored in freezers and more in boxes. The discovery comes a week after 11 remains were discovered at another business.

Lioness kills father of 3 cubs at Indianapolis Zoo

Nyack, a 10-year-old male lion, was on loan from the San Diego Zoo.

Mission to Mercury blasts off

The ambitious BepiColombo spacecraft is now on its way to Mercury on a seven-year voyage.

Mega Millions jackpot grows to $1.6 billion after nobody won Friday’s drawing

The Mega Millions jackpot has now swelled to $1.6 billion after nobody bought a winning ticket for the Friday night drawing.

Here are some classic scary movies to stream this Halloween season

If you want classic chills and thrills to celebrate this time of year, here’s a handful of films from the top streaming platforms.

Russian woman charged in first 2018 election meddling case

The U.S. charges a Russian woman in the first case involving meddling in the 2018 elections.

Aguilar, Brewers beat Dodgers 7-2, send NLCS to Game 7

Milwaukee Brewers beat Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2 to send NL Championship Series to Game 7.

A different kind of caravan from last time, and a more agitated Trump as it reaches Mexico

A caravan of thousands of Central American migrants attempting to cross into Mexico has drawn the president's ire in recent days.

Orionid Meteor Shower to peak worldwide this weekend

The Orionids make an appearance every year between Oct. 2 and Nov. 7.

NY limo accident victims died of ‘multiple severe traumatic blunt force injuries,’ autopsy says

Autopsy shows all 20 victims in Oct. 6 limo crash died from "multiple severe traumatic blunt force injuries."

Big numbers of Central Americans arriving at Arizona border

Authorities say large groups of Central American migrants continue to surrender to Border Patrol agents in Arizona, with the arrival of one recent group numbering 108 captured in dramatic video images

Buck stuck in tree freed by wildlife officials

A Montana deer finds himself in a sticky situation when one of his antlers gets caught between a couple of trees.

Julian Assange suing Ecuador, country that has hosted him in embassy for six years

Assange claims the government of Ecuador, whose embassy in London he has been staying in to avoid arrest since 2012, is "violating his fundamental rights."

93-year-old Houston grandmother reunites with long-lost siblings from U.K.

Una Pereira met her two younger siblings for the first time at a Houston airport.

Trump praises Montana congressman who body-slammed reporter

At a campaign rally in Missoula Thursday, Trump lauded Rep. Greg Gianforte, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for an attack on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. The attack came a day before Gianforte won a 2017 special election.

Florida man accused of cutting off penis of ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend

A man is out on $1 million bond after he attacked his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend with a tire iron and cut off his genitalia.

US life expectancy predicted to fall behind, report says

The U.S. will fare the worst of all high-income countries when it comes to life expectancy, according to a study that analyzed data from the 2016 Global Burden of Diseases project and generated predictions.

Volunteers search for Wisconsin girl whose parents were killed

One-hundred volunteers have joined the search for a Wisconsin girl who went missing earlier this week and whose parents were shot and killed in their home

Driver goes extra miles - 225 of them - for special pizza delivery

Rich Morgan of Indiana has been in a tough battle with cancer, but he and his wife Julie never forgot their favorite pizza place in Michigan, where they lived more than two decades ago.

Nearly 100 more women accuse ex-USC gynecologist of sexual misconduct

A college gynecologist sued over inappropriate touching is facing additional accusations. Ninety-three additional former students have accused Dr. George Tyndall of sexual misconduct.

240 animals seized from Pennsylvania home

Authorities said some of the animals were dead. The homeowners could face charges.

$1 billion! Friday’s Mega Millions drawing reaches record jackpot

Someone out there could buy a winning ticket for the record-high $970 million jackpot, even if the odds are astonishingly low.

  Flooding poses threat to Texas homes and businesses

Major flooding in parts of Texas is expected to continue over the next few days.

Therapy dog helps students at missing WI teen’s school

A police therapy dog helped students cope with the disappearance of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs.

Mystery of strange space junk found on CA farm is solved

The discovery was made Saturday, on a ranch south of Hanford, CA, about half an hour south of Fresno.

One does not simply share memes: Researchers sound alarm over habits they can normalize

According to British researchers, memes can pose a risk to young people for a number of detrimental health and behavioral traits.

Accidents up in first states to legalize marijuana

Car crashes are up as much a 6 percent in the states that legalized pot first.

Mom hunts down 13-year-old son driving her new BMW to impress girlfriend

Sister creates internet sensation on Twitter after brother takes mom’s BMW to impress his girlfriend.

Truckload of metal balls bounces down Seattle street, damages cars

Large metal balls spill from a truck in Seattle, damaging anything in their way.

Marketside ‘Fiesta Steak’ salads recalled due to salmonella and listeria risk

The salads were shipped to retail locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Father located after 2-year-old abandoned on stranger’s doorstep

The boy's father said the incident was "very irresponsible."

Worker pees on production line at pork processing plant, company throws out 50,000 pounds of meat

The incident was captured on camera last weekend, and brought production at the world’s largest pork processing plant to a grinding halt.

A mild winter could be in store for many Americans, NOAA says

El Nino has a 75 percent chance of developing according to Mike Halpert, deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center

Pet owners will spend nearly half a billion on costumes this Halloween

Dogs dressed as pumpkins. Cats dressed as Batman. It must be Halloween.

Girl, 3, contracts paralyzing virus AFM

Preslee Holcombe's mother detailed her struggle with the polio-like illness acute flaccid myelitis.

Man starts fire, shoots at first responders, kills self

Lance Taylor Jacobs, 65, allegedly set fire to his home before killing himself. The fire spread to three homes and damaged another.

Mega Millions jackpot is up to $970 million as lottery fever intensifies

Combined with Powerball, the two jackpots total $1.4 billion.

CDC warns against Halloween costumes for chickens

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tricking this treat by asking folks not to put their pet chickens in costumes, to keep from being exposed to salmonella.

Disappearance of giant hammer artwork baffles community

The artist has offered a $1,000 reward for the 800-pound, 20-foot-long piece.

Man rescued two days after falling down 100-foot mine shaft

Deputies and a rescue team worked for more than six hours to lift the 62-year-old out of the mine shaft.

4-year-old shot in stomach in KS road rage incident

In an apparent fit of road rage, a driver allegedly fired two shots at an SUV with several children under the age of 10 inside, injuring a 4-year-old boy.

After Canada legalizes pot, industry eyes rest of the world

Canada's decision to legalize marijuana could influence other countries mulling whether to end their own bans on the drug