Employment Readiness Program

Transitions are always a challenge. To help you thrive with success through these changes, the Employment Readiness program gives you the tools and resources to be competitive while you are stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Please stop by the office during our office hours or call 442-4681 to find out about the latest innovative programs to help you succeed!

Assistance is offered in the following areas:

  • Career counseling for those contemplating a career change or further education
  • Computer, fax and Internet usage
  • Job leads and local employer information
  • Creating or updating resumes
  • Creating cover letters
  • Using the Internet for research and job search
  • Training in Microsoft applications and certain clerical job skills
  • Training and preparation for job interviews
  • RESUMIX assistance and overseas employment information
  • Wardrobe planning and color analysis
  • Learning the fundamentals of salary negotiation
  • Evaluating job offers

The Employment Readiness Program at Fort Sill is currently offering workshops to help military spouses enhance their job search. These workshops focus on career development, Department of the Army RESUMIX, Private sector Resume writing, interview techniques, networking and job search techniques.

In addition, the Employment Readiness Program provides an overview of employment opportunities in the local community, assistance with federal employment application procedures, assistance in career planning and goal setting. In addition, the program provides access to computers for resume and application and a great collection of professional career books.

Please email or call 442-4681 to make your one on one appointment or sign up for the following workshops:

Prior to relocating, prepare and hand carry-

  • Your credentials and ensure that you have up-to-date records of employers' address, title, etc
  • Transcripts
  • Certifications (if you have hold a professional certification, call ahead to find out that the procedure is for transferring your certification to the new location.
  • Update your resume.
  • Contact Past Employers for Recommendations.
  • Call the Employment Readiness at the new duty station.
  • Make contacts at the new duty station.
  • If a family member is looking for employment, but does not have a Social Security Number, obtain one before you leave your present location. For information, call the Social Security Administration which is usually listed in the white pages on the telephone directory under" Social Security"
    Budget for unemployment.
  • A list of income and monthly expenses (home mortgage or rent, life insurance payments, food, transportation, etc) should be developed for the first six months after you move. Do not forget to include the additional expenses related to the relocations.
  • If you are a current Civil Service employee, consult your servicing CPAC office with questions about Military Spouse Preference opportunities, forms that should be hand carried, and the possibility of taking extended leave without pay.
  • If employment will require background security investigation, maintain a current listing of previous residences and dates to facilitate completion of any requirements.

Collect and hand carry the following with you to your new duty assignment:

  • School transcripts.
  • Undated resume.
  • Name, addresses, and telephone number of three references.
  • These should not be our immediate supervisor.
  • Professional Certifications.
  • Special awards or honors.
  • Letters of recommendations/appreciation from current employer.
  • Volunteer career portfolio.

After relocation:

  • Contact the Employment Readiness Office
  • Survey Employment opportunities
  • Prepare Resume
  • Schedule Job interviews

If you desire personal assistance, plan to see the Employment Readiness Program manager at your installation 3 months prior to relocation and during the first three months following your arrival at the new duty station.