Lawton police officer almost run over by suspect's vehicle

Lawton_It was a close call for a Lawton Police Officer on Friday afternoon after authorities say a driver tried to run over him with his car. Near Parkview and Cache Road, narcotics detectives made a traffic stop, and as they approached the car, police say the driver threw it into gear and tried to run over them. One officer fired shots at the car as it drove away, which led to a chase.

The chase ended behind Douglass Elementary School - a block north of Gore Boulevard. Police say the driver then ditched his car, and took off running through the neighborhood. Police say, initially, they were watching the car and its driver after receiving information that he was dealing drugs from Altus Police. After he left a home in Lawton, narcotics detectives made a traffic stop. "The guy spotted our drug dog coming up, and the officer told him to turn off the car. He reached like he was going to turn it off - he slammed it in gear," said Lawton Police Chief Ronnie Smith.

Smith says the detective reached in the vehicle to try and stop it, but it was too late. "He actually knocked the officer down - the officer was able to roll out the way to keep from getting run over." Meanwhile, the other detective thought his partner had been run over, and fired two shotgun blasts at the car before the driver sped off and ditched his car before taking off on foot. "He ran up to a house to try and get in. the people didn't know him told him they wouldn't let him in," said Smith.

The neighbor who declined to let the suspect in says he seemed suspicious. 'He looked like he had something to do with it, so I told him to 'sit right here until these police officers come get you,' he said. "Officers came around the corner and he was standing out using a cell phone like he was nobody, wasn't the guy we were looking for - officers immediately recognized him and took him into custody," said Smith.

After they arrested the man, police say they realized he had a minor shotgun pellet wound on his arm and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The incident happened near two schools, and Whittier Elementary and was placed on a heightened state of security making sure all children were indoors, and all entrances locked. Douglass did not have to increase security since the incident was over quickly.

The Lawton Police Department says since an officer shot the suspect, it has called in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to investigate. The driver faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.

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