Fort Sill welcomes home troops

Lawton_It was a big homecoming on Fort Sill Saturday. Families welcomed home more than 300 soldiers from the 69th Forward Support Company and Charlie Battery, First Battalion, 17th Field Artillery. Some of these men and women have served in Iraq for more than 14 months. Husbands, wives, parents, and kids were packed into Goldner Gym to see their loved ones for the first time in over a year.

7News met with one family that had a whirlwind of a journey, which started just a few months before their soldier left for Iraq.

On September 30, 2007, the Warrens welcomed a new addition to their family. "We had a little baby girl. There were some complications during the birth. She had to have a C-section. She had to go see a therapist before we left. And she was pretty much in a leg brace the whole time," said Staff Sergeant Thomas Warren.

Greta was born with dislocated hips. Before she was 3 months old, her dad was deployed. "He just missed so much of her it's just gotten kind of rough," said wife Amy Warren.

"I really can't express in words how it was, but it was difficult," said Thomas Warren. Fourteen months couldn't go by fast enough. When the soldiers marched in, Amy and Greta looked for daddy in the crowd.  "It almost kind of plays in slow motion cause you know there's people in the way and you're waiting for him to get up to you and it's just a thousand different things at one time," said Amy Warren. For Amy, there wasn't any holding back once they found each other. "I was crying I couldn't help it. Hug him and kiss him, that's what I did."

Staff Sergeant Warren couldn't wait to do the exact same thing. "Gave them a big hug told her that I missed her and kissed her and then I looked at my little girl and she was sticking her tongue out at me." While Warren was in Iraq, Amy moved back to their home state of Kentucky where both their families live. She wanted to have all her family and the extra help with baby Greta. Amy drove to Lawton from Kentucky to welcome her husband back.