Latest East Gore car crash renews traffic light debate

Lawton_The latest traffic accident in front of the Fort Sill-Apache Casino at 2200 East Gore Boulevard in Lawton sent one to the hospital after three cars crashed on Monday.  Casino management says it has been worried about the increase in traffic for some time, and back in December spoke with 7News after crash that sent an elderly woman to the hospital.

Witnesses say they have seen several of the crashes in front of the casino, but Monday's was one of the worst.  The stretch of East Gore Boulevard has been constant traffic, and with construction currently happening at the site creates more congestion than ever.  "Everybody was worried, and all we heard was the horn honking, and we looked in every direction - man, it was a pretty bad collision," said witness Christopher Wright.

Wright says he was driving down Gore with friends when he heard the crash that he says he won't soon forget.  "It was, like, horns everywhere," he said.  "It was total chaos, like, horns honking from every direction - man we didn't even know what to believe."

Lawton Police Officer Richard Wallace says witnesses told him that a woman driving a green Honda never saw the oncoming traffic when she turned left.  "When the Honda went,

the SUV struck her right in the middle and t-boned her," he said.  Wallace says he has seen some pretty bad accidents in the past, but this was one of the worst.  He says the driver of the SUV is lucky to be walking around.  ""I'd say the gentleman in the SUV was doing every bit of the speed limit, and she pulled right in front of him.  But those airbags seemed to do what they were supposed to do," he said.

Casino management says it's working with the city to try and get the safety issue resolved, and would like to see the city install traffic lights to tame the volume of travelling vehicles.

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