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Spring allergies springing up

Lawton_Itchy, teary eyes, runny noses, sneezing, and even itchy skin can be miserable symptoms of seasonal allergies.  A main culprit of spring allergies in Texoma are innocent-looking flowers.  Dr. Allergist David Maury says flowers are one of the most common sources of allergies - but, they shouldn't take all the heat.

Patient Jordan Henson says she knows why she wheezes and sneezes, but it has nothing to do with flowers.  "When I wake up in the morning and see the sun, I'll sneeze for some weird reason," she said.  She says she is having difficulty nailing down the source of her allergies, and Maury advices her to begin in her bedroom.  "People spend 1/3 of your life in the bedroom," he said.  "So, that's the room you really want to make as dust-free as possible."

Maury says the source for Henson's sneezing could be something that has been with her in her bedroom all night, and she only notices it when she awakens.  "Some of the worst things for your allergies can probably be in that room," he said.  "You have rugs in that room, heavy curtains, bedding."

Indoor dust can cause as many problems as allergens that primarily live outside, such as mold or pollen.  Maury says allergy sufferers should protect mattresses from the little creatures that feed off of dust and shed dry skin.  "Put the mattress in a vinyl casing, and zip it shut - that will help with dust mites," he said.  Henson says she intends to give it a shot.  Until then, she says she'll battle her allergies the old fashioned way:  "I try the sinus cold stuff, and I just put a wet rag against my nose."

Maury recommends investing in an air purifier if your allergies are unbearable.  The filter will trap dust, pollen, and mold until it can be disposed of properly.  He says they can cost anywhere from $150-300. 

For more information about seasonal allergies in this area, please visit http://www.weather.com/outlook/health/allergies/common/states/OK-common-allergens?from=allergy_commonindex_map.
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