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Former Cache Postmistress dies in house fire

Cache_The community of Cache, Oklahoma, grieved on Tuesday after losing one of its longtime residents to a house fire shortly after 7:30 PM on Monday.  When Cache firefighters responded, there were no flames coming from the house, but once they were able to get inside, they were met with heavy smoke filling the house, and found the victim.

The Old Cache Post Office is where Martha Cowan spent 28 years of her life as the town's Postmistress, and many in the community say that now that they have lost the 98-year-old resident, they have lost a piece of the Cache's history. 

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the streets were quiet, and many were mourning the loss of one of their oldest community members.  "Very, very sad," said friend Beulah Booker.  "I am so sorry that she had to go this way, because she was really a nice lady." 

Firefighters say they found Cowan's lifeless body in the rear of the house near the kitchen.  Fire Chief Dale Winham says it was tough on his crew.  "Very emotional about it," he said.  "Even my firefighters upon arrival - the ones that pulled her out - they were greatly impacted by what they had seen.  It is not an everyday thing that you pull out a victim, much less an individual that you know."

Many Cache residents knew Cowan.  Current Postmaster Stephen Kriz, at the new post office, says the former Postmistress often would share stories of her days on the job.  "She would come in, and she would tell us how the post office used to run when she was postmaster here," he said.  "She told us a lot of history about the area, and the post office here in Cache."

The town's newspaper - the County Times - had recognized her only a few weeks ago.  "She just celebrated her 98th birthday two weeks ago - a week ago last Sunday - and they had a really big celebration for her," said friend Mack Cox.  "She was a great woman - really pleasant - and spoke to everyone.  I don't suppose she had an enemy - not one as far as I know."

Friends describe her as happy-go-lucky, and a pleasure to be around.  They say she will be missed.  Cowan has family in Cache, but the were too broken up to speak with 7News.  A spokesperson for the state fire marshal's office says a plug-in potpourri pot sparked the fire. 

Services for Martha Cowan have not yet been set.

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