Man leads police on car chase and scatters vinyl records on road

Lawton_Lawton police said a man led them on a reckless chase Tuesday afternoon.  The car was first spotted around the Medicine Park exit off I-44. An off-duty Lawton Police Officer spotted the car weaving all over the road. It didn't stop there and it wouldn't stop until several minutes later.

Lawton police caught up with the driver, Michael Koweno, and 2 passengers near Fort Sill and Ferris. Then the chase began. "Started pursuing this reckless driver went around the Lee area down 12th, 13th Street, then hit down 11th Street and towards the highway and several units got involved," said Lawton Police Lieutenant Richard Franz.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol even came in to help. Police officers and Troopers all started to notice vinyl records flying out of the car they were chasing and bouncing right on top of their patrol cars. "They started throwing out records, old LP records, we still don't know why at this point but we find out later that all 3 were highly intoxicated. So maybe that was just a ploy."

That possible ploy scattered about 40 records across Lawton and sent police on a scavenger hunt to find all the evidence. "It diverts your attention a little bit because at that point we always think was it stolen property, were they throwing drugs out, are they throwing weapons out. And at that point you have to start making mental notes of where that evidence is located so we can go back later and pick that up."

Police are investigating where the records came from and if they have been reported stolen. The driver is facing a number of charges including DUI, reckless driving, alluding police, and even littering. Koweno is being held at the Lawton City Jail on all of those charges. The passengers in the car have been released with no charges filed.