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Grandfield hopes to sell 100-year-old house

Grandfield_The City of Grandfield owns a turn-of-the-century home valued at about $30,000.  The owners of the 100-year-old home on East 5th Street donated it to the city with the stipulation that the city would sell it and use the proceeds to improve the library. 

Neighbors say they are glad to see a house that has been empty for so long get some attention, and - more importantly - a buyer.  The old house has seen better days, and while no one has lived in it for 30 years, it still is in good condition.  Neighbor Doyle Colyer knew the original owner and says that man wouldn't want it to remain empty.  "When he was 90 years old, he was still trimming grass and working on the outside," said Colyer. 

City Manager Randy Clark says the project of getting the home restored is part of a much bigger overall effort.  "It's just one step toward improving and preserving the history of Grandfield," he said.  The city says in order to make the house livable again, there is an estimated $10,000-15,000 worth of work needed.  It's work that Colyer says he'd like to see done.  "I'd like to see somebody living in it.  Otherwise it's just gonna fall down," he said.

The house holds a lot of history.  It has nine rooms, six walk-in closets, and a large basement that is unique for the area.  The first owner was a local attorney who prided himself on keeping the property maintained.  "It's certainly one of the most immaculate homes of its time, and anytime you make an improvement on a house, it's a plus for the community," said Clark.

Colyer says he knows his late friend would be pleased to see the property get spruced up.  "There's a lot of history there," he said.  "It's a nice big two-story house and somebody needs to be living in it." 

Once the house gets its makeover and is sold, the money will go toward new carpet, interior remodeling, and possibly outside work on the town library.  If you would like to make a bid, pick up a bidding sheet at Grandfield's City Hall.  Sealed bids will be opened and read aloud at the May 5 meeting of the Grandfield City Council.  If you would like a tour of the house, call Grandfield City Hall at 580-479-5215.

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