Lawton cab driver survives after neck sliced by suspected robber

Lawton_A Lawton woman stands accused of slitting a cab driver's throat while she tried to rob him.  investigators say Domeka Cobray attacked the driver with a knife after he put up a fight during the attempted robbery.  Lawton Police say they just happened to be patrolling the area when they heard the man screaming from the cab.  They say when they got closer they found the cab driver bleeding, and Cobray standing over him with a knife.  They say had they not been in the area, his injuries could have been much worse - they could have been deadly.

Police say the cab driver had dropped Cobray off earlier the same night, but this time she told him to keep driving.  Lawton Police Lieutenant Larry Lafrance says that's when the cab driver knew something was wrong.  "She indicated that she was sorry, but that she was going to have to rob him," he said.  Lafrance says Cobray pressed her hand to the driver's neck and said she would blow his brains out, but the driver told police he could feel that she didn't have a gun - that's when he called for help.  "He had made some type of distress call over his radio and she cut the mic cord to it," he said.

Lafrance says if the driver would have had to wait for help to arrive from his cries of distress it could have been too late.  Police say he was lucky a patrol call was in the area.  "They observed a cab driver waving them over apparently in some type of distress."  Lafrance says when officers got out of their car, the cab driver was frantically pleading for their help.  "...telling them that he had been cut, and that the individual that apparently had cut him was still there - present - and coming up on the cab driver."

Lafrance says Cobray meant business.  "The cab driver received approximately a four-inch laceration to the left side of his neck from some type of box blade knife."  The cab driver was transferred to a local hospital, and from there transferred to an Oklahoma City Hospital where police say he was treated and released.

Cobray is in jail and will be charged with robbery in the first degree.  The cab company says it is not sure if the driver plans to return to work.

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