Rumors of deadly shooting at Wal-Mart years old, untrue

Lawton_Rumors spread like wildfire, and the most recent in Lawton is that three women will be killed at Wal-Mart as part of a gang initiation. This rumor is untrue. The messages have been making the rounds for three days through text messages and e-mails, and 7News phones have been ringing off the hook.

This rumor is untrue and 7News visited Wal-Mart on Lawton's west side to see how widespread the rumor is. They aren't only making their way through Texoma, they've been circulating through 26 states, with different versions, since 2005. But, while the versions of the rumor may be different, it's the same story. The message being sent is that women, children, and elderly people will be killed at a Wal-Mart as a part of a gang initiation.

Gang activity in Lawton is high, and residents and Police say they were concerned. Police say they took action days ago, and had been patrolling the Wal-Mart parking lots. They say no matter what threat they receive, police respond accordingly and take them seriously.

The popular web site has this hoax listed as false, and says the messages may have originated in Memphis, Tennessee after two teens were killed days before the messages began. While some panicked over the messages in Lawton, others dismissed them as rumors.

Either way, police say that if you receive a threatening message of this sort, you should check into it. They say they would rather check up on it than not at all. And, even while the rumors are false, a Wal-Mart spokesperson said they are aware of the rumor and are working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of their customers. Their official statement goes on to say that they regard the messages as a rumor, much like earlier rumors in previous years.