Lawton police get new training center

Lawton_Lawton's Police Force is already 160 strong and they're still growing, too. To keep up with the growth and change, they constantly train everyone on staff. But lately they've been crunched for space at their training center. After grants from the city and others, they're building a multimillion dollar facility just a few buildings away from the old one.

With space for a classroom, shooting simulator, and a driving simulator only, they've run out of training space at the station and the center. "It's been way over due as far as a need. We have just overgrown everything that we had at the police station. And to be able to have a facility like this now and have the classroom and the availability to put our simulators is, it's priceless," said Lawton Police Lt. Donnie Hanson.

The new state of the art facility will fill all the gaps. "More space. And the added bonus of being able to bring all of our training staff out here and relocate all of our training files and have everything available for the officers out here. And be completely out of the police station."

The new center will even have a weight room for Lawton Police, plus more. And still enough room for everything moved from the current center. "The shooting simulator and we have a special room for that. Also the L-4 driving simulator and we also have a room for that here. Those are 2 of the simulators that we were playing with over there that we'll move over to this facility."

Lieutenant Hanson said he hopes to have this new training center up and running by April 30th.