Surviving plants through the snow storm

Lawton_Over the last few weeks, Texoma has gotten plenty of sun. But that same sun has tricked many Texomans into thinking it's time to start planting. Now with the snowy weather this weekend promises, it could mean some bad news for all those plants.

Plant nurseries have been very packed. "It's been very busy. The early birds are out. Everybody sees some nice temperatures, 70-80 degrees, the last couple weeks. People want to get out and start planting," said nursery owner Dennis Totte.

Bennie and Mary Henson have been gardening for years, so they know the trick. "Well, I think at this point our plans are that we're going to keep those in the house until after this weekend," said Bennie Henson. That's because if they put them out, they won't survive the wintry weather. "Any annual that you've planted up to this date will either need to be brought in, transplanted to a container temporarily. Bring it out of the extreme weather," said Totte.

That could even mean digging your plants out of the ground. "You can dig those up temporarily put them in a container, bring them inside or put them in the garage and put it back out when temperatures get a little better here for us and warm up," said Totte. He said they wait to put all the summer annuals out.

"If it's here, people are going to buy, want to plant a little too early and we just try to advise to hold off on that. April 15th is our frost day so we try to advise everyone to hold off." In a freeze, you have to bring in your summer annuals inside if you want them to survive. In a frost, you can use your plant blankets.