Fort Sill soldiers fly home to Lawton in grand style

Lawton_The Lawton Fort Sill Airport welcomed an international flight Friday. It also happened to be one of the biggest planes to ever be on its runway. The Boeing 747 flew in from South Korea shortly after 1 p.m., bringing home about 100 soldiers stationed at Fort Sill.

The soldiers part of Full Eagle -- an annual US Military training exercise in South Korea that teams US and Korean forces.  They were in Korea for about a month. Soldiers didn't have to take much equipment with them.  That's because the 155-millimeter howitzers they used in training missions were already in Asia. "If we were needed to defend Korea, instead of having to deploy all the howitzers, we demonstrated that we can just deploy our soldiers and use the equipment that's already pre-positioned in Korea," said Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Winton 2nd Battalion, 5th Field Artillery Commander.

It's the same equipment used at Fort Sill, but they got to practice using it in a foreign land while showing their commitment to work with the Korean army. "Got that equipment on rails, moved it north into training areas, and then fired that equipment in conjunction with soldiers who deployed out of Georgia just to demonstrate the military's ability to get soldiers into Korea and participate in defense," said Lieutenant Colonel Winton.

300 soldiers from Fort Stewart were also on board. They went on to Georgia Friday afternoon.