"Prince of Peace" pageant cast prepare for first show

Lawton_ 84-years of tradition continued in Lawton this week as the cast of the Holy City's "Prince of Peace" pageant geared up for their 2009 debut.

Nearly 250 people are in the performance this year and preparing for it took patience."It gets a little stressful trying to get everything ready and stuff but it comes out really great," Cindy Herring Wardrobe Director and cast member said.

Pageant Director Alan Corrales has been involved with the play for over 40 years and says he and the cast have a goal for the audience. "To help people understand who Jesus is and what Jesus can do in their life."

Those who perform in the play say it isn't all about the performance. "It's the feelings that you get. There are times that there are tears in your eyes and its a wonderful feeling," cast member Lavern Robinson said.

The performances will be next Saturday April 4th and the day before Easter on the 11th. The shows begin at 8:00 PM.