EP to test air around 62 schools in 22 states, including Burkburnett

Washington_The Environmental Protection Agency will put air pollution monitors in dozens of school yards around the country - including some in Texas.

The EPA, Tuesday, announced a list of 62 schools in 22 states where the outdoor air will be tested for toxic contaminants.  The focus is toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, respiratory and neurological problems - especially in children.

The schools were chosen because of their proximity to industrial facilities or other sources of pollution. The agency will work with state and local officials to begin the monitoring at the selected schools within three months.

The list includes seven sites in Texas:

-- Temple Elementary School in Diboll

-- Northwest Harilee Elementary School in Dallas

-- Lamkin Elementary in Cypress

-- San Jacinto Elementary School in Deer Park

-- Deer Park Junior High School in Deer Park

-- Young Scholars Academy in Houston

-- and Evans Elementary School in Burkburnett.

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