Rumors confirmed - Halliburton in Duncan hands out pink slips

Duncan_On Tuesday it finally happened -Halliburton laid off workers in Duncan.  Police were on site to escort them from the premises after weeks of rumors about coming layoffs.  When employees arrived at work in the morning, their supervisors pulled them off their jobs, and handed them pink slips.

Off-duty Duncan Police were patrolling the parking lot at Halliburton because of the layoffs - strictly for security reasons.  Employees say they were caught off guard, and thought that if they were going to be laid off, it would happen on a payday - which isn't until Thursday - but it happened at the end of the first quarter.  At the same time, they said that the rumors had gone on for so long that they knew some layoffs were inevitable.

The Halliburton corporate office e-mail says, "We can confirm, unfortunately, that there were some Halliburton personnel reductions in Duncan today.  While 7News doesn't know how many employees were let go, one worker said they were laying folks off right and left.  When Jason Pruitt arrived at work, he said he knew it wouldn't be business as usual.  "As I pulled in, I was walking inside, I saw two police officers coming out of the car," he said.  "They kinda looked at us, and I said, 'It doesn't look good, does it?'  They just kinda smiled at me, and I walked in."

Pruitt says he worked for Halliburton for three years - but not as of Tuesday morning.  The former Cement Engineer had his uniforms dry cleaned yesterday, but his supervisor told him he won't need them any longer.  "He said to follow him on in, and that's when I had to get booked for unemployment," said Pruitt.

He says he was unsure what to do when heard the news.  "I was kinda numb," he said.  "Kind of expected it to happen, but I didn't know it was going to be me."  Not everyone reacted to the news in the same way.  "I saw one girl, she was in tears, and some people were laughing," said Pruitt.

However, the full scale of emotions may be easier to manage than the rumors of job losses.  "Stomach was pretty tore up," said Pruitt.  "Everything was going slow - everyone felt it all around."  He says that now there is a sense of relief.  "I don't have to worry about losing my job now," he chuckled.

Pruitt says he plans to live on unemployment for a while since jobs are currently scarce.  He says that he has considered relocating to Louisiana where there are plenty of openings for oil field jobs.

Duncan Police say they will be working security at Halliburton for the remainder of the week.

You can count on 7News to keep you updated.