Scare at old Southwestern Hospital

Lawton_Lawton police got an alarming call Tuesday afternoon that turned out to be a false alarm. Parents called after their kids came home and said they found a body in the old southwestern hospital building on Lee. Police tell 7NEWS the kids' parents said the kids were playing inside the building when they found the body. And about two dozen Comanche Nation Police, Lawton Police, and fire officials arrived immediately.

After looking inside, officials cleared the site and said there wasn't a body. But there was still one big question; how did the kids get into a vacant building that was supposedly all locked up? "It is possible that they made entry in the back side of the building there in the alley way. There's a loading dock, there's an entryway there," said Lawton Police Captain Wade Shaw.

That entry has since been boarded up. But the building is owned by the KCA. So BIA officials were the ones to go in. They said the building was dirty and there were spots where clothes were piled up and, without a flashlight, could have been mistaken for a body.

This isn't the first time police have gotten calls about the vacant building. It's a building they constantly worry about. "Safety and risk factor. We don't know what are inside of those buildings when we respond and have to clear those buildings. It's a safety issue for our officers as well," said Shaw.

In addition to the possibility of a body inside the abandoned hospital, officials also had to be very careful. Police say it was so dirty, it was difficult to see. The old building also has asbestos.

Last October, Lawton's City Council waived several liens against the building. The KCA said they wanted to fix it up. Now they're applying for loans with the EPA.