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New method for Lawton's bulk clean-up

Lawton_It's time for spring clean-up in Lawton. That means you can clean out your garage or yard and set out furniture, appliances, and more for the city's bulk clean-up. For this clean-up, workers said the city is more prepared than ever. Lawton now owns two automated grapple trucks, so workers no longer have to do all the heavy-lifting.

Bundled tree limbs, big bags of leaves and old furniture; all the same items for pick-up, but a new and improved way of doing it. "These trucks will actually take the place off all the guys picking things up by hand and then that way that cuts down on the amount of workmen's comp claims that we have for injuries like that," said Waste Management's Jayson Powell.

Junior Aitson's has worked with waste management for 20 years. The constant strain on his back and muscles has caught up with him. "Lift them and twist the wrong way, they were heavy, so we throw them in the back of the truck and that's what hurt my back," said Aitson.  But he won't have to worry about that anymore. "Before we used to pick up refrigerator, stove, everything and put it in the back of the truck. This will save us all the back injuries, elbow injuries, knee injuries on us."

The new 160-thousand dollar automated trucks do all the manual labor. Now bulk clean-up won't require as many workers to get the job done. But the trucks are still very new and workers are still learning, so the process may not be speedy just yet. "Once we find out how far they can progress each day then we may end up revising the clean-up to zones instead of having everyone put out at a certain time," said Powell

Thursday is the first day to put all your bulk items out by the road. You have until Sunday to put everything out.  Monday, April 6th, workers start picking everything up.

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