Lawton woman attacked, robbed in broad daylight

Lawton_The search is on for a masked man who attacked and robbed a Lawton woman at gunpoint on Thursday morning. Police say it happened as she was leaving her south Lawton home for work.

7News spoke with the victim on the telephone, and she is out of the hospital. She told police the robber was so violent that he knocked her unconscious - twice. The victim told police she had just locked her front door in the 1200 Block of Pennsylvania to leave for work, when she suddenly noticed a man standing behind her.

Police say she felt what she believed was a gun at her back. She told police that the man said he had a gun, and they re-entered her home. However, police say she didn't go without a fight - she maced the man to try and get him off of her. She told police he then threw her down, and she hit her head on something in the house.

Police say while the woman was passed out, it appeared that the suspect went room-to-room, ransacked them, and took some items. They say the woman woke up, and another struggle ensued. She then passed out again. Police say that is when the robber left.

The victim's next door neighbor was at work when the incident occurred, and was surprised to learn what had happened on her block - especially since it could be a random crime.

Police say they don't' have a lot to go on at this time, but hope to get a suspect soon. They say they are confident they will find the suspect. Unfortunately, since the victim was knocked unconscious, and the robber was wearing a mask, she was unable to get a good look at the man.

Detectives are hoping someone may have seen him. The assault happened at about 8:00-8:15 AM Thursday morning in the 1200 Block of Pennsylvania Avenue. You could earn a cash reward by helping to bring the robber to justice. If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO - as always you can remain anonymous.