Commanding General's Challenge

Lawton_About 26-thousand people took part in the 2nd Commanding General's Challenge Friday. Fort Sill's Commanding Major General Peter Vangjel hosted the spring edition of the challenge at the Fort Sill Polo Field. Walkers and runners took on the challenge full force and spent much of the afternoon dedicated to fitness. Walkers weren't just on post. People of all ages and from all across the community took part, including 15 schools around Lawton.

The kids at Crosby Park Elementary know exactly why they are walking. "I was walking with my friends and we were laughing and we got some good exercise today," said Natasha Montes.

They know just how important exercise is. That's because their school has made fitness part of their regular routine. "We're working that into a regular part of the school day just as we would with the academics. Our physical education classes, we're up, we're moving. During recess time we're walking that track, we're moving," said Crosby Park Pincipal Resa Harvick.

Soldiers were glad to come out and join that routine too. "Fitness is part of our life and we have to make sure that our kids understand how to be fit and how to be having fun while you're doing this instead of being something that is tedious. It's a fun part of life," said SFC Calixto Montes. And that's a lesson that he has passed down to his daughter, Natasha. "Because I want to have a healthy body and I want everyone else to have a healthy body too," said Natasha Montes.