UPDATE: 6-year-old killed in Lawton drive-by shooting

LAWTON_ A six-year-old Lawton boy was shot and killed while he was sleeping early Saturday morning. Police say he is the innocent victim of a gang related drive-by shooting. It happened at a home in the 1800 block of McKinley. Investigators say Hikeem Lambirth was asleep on a couch when a car drove by and fired at least 5 shots into the home. Officials say the child was pronounced dead at the hospital just over an hour later.

Hikeem Lambirth was a first grader at Brockland Elementary. His mom and her boyfriend say he loved basketball and he wanted to be a doctor. "He was an innocent kid. He didn't hurt nobody. The little man was just an angel in disguise. You know what I'm talking about. If you would have met him, if anybody would have met him could have seen that," said his mother's boyfriend, Johnny Lynn Smith.

The drive-by shooting happened at Smith's home. Hikeem was spending the night, sleeping on the couch when a gunman fired at least 5 shots, one that hit him in the chest. "This is a very tragic incident. It's something that ...when people do these drive-bys they don't think about the kids in the house. You know innocent people. A six year old boy has now lost his life because of the stupidity of a couple of people," said Lawton Police Chief Ronnie Smith.

Now police are looking for those couple of people and working with every lead they get. "This is gang related," said Smith. "We know they're gang members that did the shooting. You know we feel like it's a retaliation for an incident that occurred a couple weeks ago but we're looking into all that," said Chief Smith.

Ronnie Smith said they'll work around the clock until they find out who is responsible. "If anyone has any information, call Crime Stoppers. They can remain anonymous. But we need to get the shooter. We need to get the man who did this. This is completely uncalled for you know that little boy didn't hurt anybody. He was lying there asleep when he was shot. We need to put a stop to this."

Police have a couple suspects who they are looking for. They said they will continue to question friends, family, and neighbors until they find them. Anyone who has information on the homicide is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 580-355-INFO.