Dorman congratulates 4-H on 100 years of service

Oklahoma City_Press Release_State Rep. Joe Dorman today said he was proud to join fellow legislators in celebrating 4-H Day at the Capitol.

"4-H is an organization that is dedicated to our young people and not only teaches them about agriculture and science but also about citizenship, showmanship and life skills," Dorman, D-Rush Springs, said. "I am proud to help honor them today at the Capitol and look forward to the visiting 4-H groups that will be here today."

The 4-H program in Oklahoma began with the founding of a Johnston County Boy's Corn Club in 1909. The first girl's 4-H club grew out of the Johnston County club and focused on growing and canning tomatoes using improved production and home canning methods.

4-H has grown in the 100 years that it has existed in Oklahoma. Today, it draws from universities including both Oklahoma State University and Langston University to teach children and youth about the latest developments and methods of agriculture, science, engineering and healthy living. Nationwide, more than 6 million children benefit from the organization, which also teaches leadership and citizenship.

Currently, 141,000 youth take part in the 4-H programs in Oklahoma and some 4,900 adult and teen volunteers help to serve those youth. Several current and former legislators got their start through the 4-H program as well.

Blue Bell Ice Cream and Eskimo Joe's have also joined to help celebrate the 4-H organization, Dorman said. An Eskimo Joe's design featuring 4-H is being sold and its proceeds will go to benefit the organization.

Dorman currently serves as the board chairman for the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, an entity an entity which provides a private, non-profit source of support to the mission and goals of 4-H youth development at all levels in Oklahoma. Dorman was a 4-H member from fifth grade through college and was a 1989 state and national winner in the entomology project area with 4-H.

"4-H provided a great opportunity for me to grow and experience many challenges as a youth," Dorman said.  "There is no better opportunity for Oklahoma students from grade school through college like this wonderful organization."