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Investigators looking for leads in drive-by shooting death of Lawton boy

Lawton_Investigators still are trying to determine who shot six-year-old Hikeem Lambirth.  Police say the Lawton boy was shot and killed over the weekend in a gang-related drive-by shooting.  The youngster had been sleeping on the couch at his mother's boyfriend's house when someone fired at least five bullets into the house.  Since Saturday, Lawton Police say they have been combing through leads and talking to witnesses, and developing leads.

Police say they once believed the shooting may have been the result of an argument involving one of the people who lived in the house.  Now, they say they have backed off of that theory, and need more leads.  They say they need your help.  Detective Brent Yarbrough says he has been hoping to get more tips through Lawton Crimestoppers.  He says whoever fired the shots may not have intended to kill anyone.  "Human life isn't respected like it used to be," he said.  "Just scattering bullets up and down the street into a house you don't even know if that person's at home."

Yarbrough says he would like the person who took Hikeem's life to do the right thing.  "If they see this, and they do want to turn themselves in and get it right - get it straightened out - come on down," he said.  He says charges filed will be up to the Comanche County District Attorney, but being cooperative could work in the suspect's favor.  "The more cooperative they will be with this investigation, then I'm sure that'll play a part in their prosecution, too," said Yarbrough.

He says he hopes someone will come forward.  "To take an innocent life - just to snuff it out at 6 years old - he'll never have another chance," he said.  "I understand his birthday was either this week or next."  Yarbrough says a multitude of agencies are working on the case - the Gang Task Force, the Criminal Investigations Division, and Crimestoppers.  Investigators say they hope someone many know something, or have seen something, and call Crimestoppers.  There is a $1,000 reward for an arrest, and charges filed.  As always you can remain anonymous. 

If you have any information about the drive-by shooting death of six-year-old Hikeem Lambirth, please call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO or visit
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