Comanche County receives state safety award

Comanche County_Comanche County will be awarded the "Safety Team Achievement Award" at the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO) safety conference in Oklahoma City on Tuesday afternoon.  Comanche County finished in the top six (6) in the state during the 2008 NASCCO Contest, which scores counties based on frequency and severity of worker's compensation claims.

The NASCCO Contest (2008 Self Insurance Fund (SIF) worker's comp 500) uses safety to reduce incidents, in turn, saving taxpayers' dollars.  Comanche County finished six (6) out of 42 counties competing in the contest.  ACCO uses the four (4) busiest months of the year (May - August) to grade the counties, then randomly selects two (2) additional months (April & November in 2008).  Each county participating in the contest has claims rated thru a handicapped system which takes into account the number and severity of worker's compensation claims, as well as the number of employees for each county in order to create a level playing field.

"It's an opportunity to promote safety programs in each county to their employees. The purpose of this program is safety awareness...the ultimate goal is to have fewer employees injured.  By reducing the number of injuries we are saving the taxpayer's dollars," stated ACCO Safety Director Dale Frech.

"We are thoroughly proud of our safety program and committees.  Just a few years ago we were one of the highest rated counties in Oklahoma, but our employees have taken it upon themselves and we are now one of the lowest rated counties in the state," added Ron Kirby, central district commissioner.