"Access to Recovery" provides free treatment to those who qualify

Lawton_If you are a drug or alcohol abuser and want help, you can get it Comanche County at Lawton's rehab facility Roadback.  It now offers an "Access to Recovery" program that provides free treatment for adults who need it.  If you are a substance abuser you could qualify if you are at-risk for legal or child-custody related problems, and meet poverty guidelines.

Organizations helping with the program are the Marie Detty Youth and Family Services Center, Zoe Christian Center, plus Grace and Glory Ministries.  The four are the first partners in "Access to Recovery," and they say they expect more to join them.  They say they want folks to know that helps is available for those who need it.  Those participating in the program are people who all are willing - and genuinely want - to be there for individuals going through the recovery process.

Grace and Glory Ministers Jerry and Rhonda Williams began working with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections more than a decade ago to provide faith-based addiction counseling to soon-to-be released prisoners.  "They will be able to not be shamed to say where they came from, 'Yes, I know I did 12 years in the facility, but I'm here, I'm able to be a productive citizen, and I'm your next door neighbor,'" said Rhonda.

The counseling isn't only Bible study and talk - though it is a key component.  The churches and rehab support centers provide all sorts of social service to remove excuses for entering rehab.  "There's child care for folks if they're going to recovery-related treatment, support group, there's help with food vouchers, emergency shelters, peer counseling, faith counseling, pastoral counseling," said Roadback Executive Director Dr. Christie Taylor.

"Access to Recovery" provides assessment, counseling, treatment, and time at halfway houses free of charge thanks to millions of grant dollars provided by the federal government.  "The wonderful thing about this is that it's almost unlimited in the amount of services that we can offer," said Taylor.  "If we can use them, we can get them paid for."

Rehab begins with detox - but it's only the beginning.  It's a long-term process, but there are people to help every step of the way.  "You can't say, 'Alright I'm finished detoxing I'm done,' - no, you've just started," said Keith Gladden with Zoe Christian Center.  "All detox does is clean the slate.  Now we have to build on that, build on that foundation, build a nice house.  That's where these programs come in."

Church leaders say they want to minister to the whole person - whether spiritually or physically.  The program will provide bus and fuel vouchers, childcare, and will work with the Lawton Food Bank to ensure every need is met as former users rejoin society.  For more information about "Access to Recovery" visit

or call 580-357-6889.