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Lawton Sonic robbers caught on tape

Lawton_Police say robbers wielding guns and a knife barged into a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant in Lawton at 26th Street and Lee Boulevard and demanded all the money at about 11:30 PM on Monday.  Surveillance cameras captured images of three masked robbers who entered the Sonic, cleaned out the register, and fled.

Police say they aren't sure why Sonic Drive-Ins seem to be the target of so many recent robberies, but they say it could be a combination of late hours of operation, limited number of employees at the time, and isolated locations.

Authorities say two Sonic employees were wrapping up their night when a routine closing suddenly turned into a frightening robbery.  "Last night, as they were closing up about 11:30 at night, a couple of the employees were cleaning up and three people came into the store," said Lawton Police Captain Will Hines. 

In what must have been a horrifying experience, the footage shoes the two employees running around frantically trying to call for help as the robbers scrambled to find the money.  "We're not sure exactly where they came in at - they were masked up," said Hines.  "Two of them had guns, and one of them had a knife, and ordered both employees to the ground and went right to the register and took the money and left."

Moments later, police arrived on the scene.  They say the still are unsure who the robbers are, and that they have little to go on as the investigation continues.  "They were male, they were masked up, but as far as we could tell it looks like two white males, and possibly one black male," Hines said.  Police say they were unable to determine if the doors were locked, but that in past Sonic robberies, doors accidentally had been left unlocked.  "Anytime they're closing the shop they need to lock the doors make sure no one can get in - have a game plan in case something were to happen," said Hines.  "But the main deal is be aware of the area and the people that are around."

Police are not releasing just how much the robbers made off with, but say they are confident they'll catch them because of the surveillance video.  Neither of the employees were hurt during the robbery.

If you think you recognize any of the men in the surveillance footage, contact Lawton Police or Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO, or visit  As always, you can remain anonymous.

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