UPDATE: Muskogee man does not have swine flu

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Health officials say a Muskogee hospital employee who returned from a trip to Mexico with flu-like symptoms does not have the swine flu. Tests on the worker have returned negative and the state still has had no confirmed cases of swine flu.

Oklahoma health officials have sent samples from people with flu-like symptoms to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to see if any are positive for swine flu.

Department of Health spokeswoman Leslea Bennett-Webb says the agency would not be releasing day-by-day numbers of samples being processed. She does say doctors are sending in more and more samples in response to state requests to be vigilant to the disease.

State health officials review the throat and nasal cultures and those with the potential for being positive for swine flu are then sent on to the CDC for final determination.

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