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Fort Sill soldier charged with murdering Eldorado man

Jackson County_A murder investigation in Jackson County took a bizarre twist. On Friday, authorities said the person who killed an Eldorado bar owner is a Fort Sill soldier and former Olustee Reserve Police Officer. Court records show 24-year-old Joshua Lusk even admitted to shooting Dub's bar owner Andy White in the head. But, it's why investigators believe he did it that may surprise you.

Investigators told 7NEWS he's from Quanah, Texas, which is not far across the Red River from Dub's Bar. They said Lusk was actually at the bar the last night Andy White was seen alive. White's brother said the two were even friends.

Early on in the investigation, authorities said they discovered cash and rolled quarters missing from Dub's Bar. But, before anyone even knew Andy White was dead, investigators say Joshua Lusk showed up at the Olustee Police Chief's home in the middle of the night to give him a one-hundred dollar bill for a debt he owed him.

Court records show he also owed the town itself money, so he put cash and a note under the town clerk's door. According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigator Richard Goss," it just developed that we needed to take a hard look at Josh Lusk." 

But why? He was just one of several people who frequented Dub's Bar. "He was interviewed early on during the course of the investigation. He was subsequently re-interviewed again Thursday evening." 

And while he had a home in Quanah, he lived in Fort Sill barracks during the week. Investigators said a search of his barracks turned up several rolls of quarters. "What we do believe is Mr. White was murdered during the course of a robbery," said Goss. "We developed enough probable cause to arrest him on first degree murder." 

Court documents show part of the probable cause was Lusk's admission that he killed White and took money from the bar to pay off his debts in Olustee. What were the debts for Olustee's mayor said he cannot say because it was discussed by town officials during executive session. "It was a great joint effort everybody coming together to put it together in such a short period of time," said Goss.

Olustee's mayor and police chief said they were both shocked to learn of Lusk's arrest. They said he was only a reserve officer in town for a couple of months and resigned from the position about 6 or 8 weeks ago.

Joshua Lusk was formally arraigned on a first degree murder charge Friday afternoon. His bond has been set at one-million dollars.

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