Is any of this recovered property yours?

It's been almost a week since Lawton police broke up what they say was one of the city's biggest burglary rings--solving over a dozen burglaries.

Their work isn't over.

Now they need your help with the second part of their investigation--figuring out who owns all the stolen property.  The evidence room is full of jewelry and other high-dollar items police will be stuck with unless someone claims it.

People have identified some items, ranging from a single pair of earrings to laptops, DVDs and guns.  Police say the key to completing the investigation is for owners to start coming in and identifying their belongings.

Police say it could take months to return them to their rightful owners.

"At this point, we have the tedious task of trying to identify property that we haven't been able to identify with a specific burglary yet, and it's taking hours," Lieutenant Billy Grimes said.

Most of the big items, such as televisions, have already been identified.  It's the smaller ones that are more difficult to identify.

"With a lot of the DVDs, if it's got any type of markings where they bought it--maybe it was an old rental or they bought it used--then I will call those places and give them the numbers off it," Grimes said.

"They'll check their computer and see who was the last one to have it."

One of the burglary victims is John Denney, a Lawton Police Sentinel.

Police recovered most of his stolen high-ticket goods, but he is missing possessions that mean far more to him.

"One of the things was my mother's wedding ring, which I had in a security box," Denney said.  "They didn't find it or any of the papers that were in it."

Grimes sais even when the victims recover their stolen property, it doesn't necessarily mean they recover emotionally.

"You're never going to be able to completely comfort them," Grimes said.

"It's not just the property.  It's the emotional effect that it has on them, knowing someone has been in their house when they shouldn't have."

If you are a victim of a burglary during the past few months, visit the Lawton police station.  You might find your stuff there.

Unfortunately, police cannot return indentified stolen property until it the District Attorney's office clears it for release.  It will remain in police possession until the accused burglars face trial.

Police advise you to record all the serial numbers of your TVs and other electronics.  If there's no serial number, take note of any distinguishing markings.  That way it will be easy to identify your property if it is stolen.